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Register to vote – the Electoral Commission is your gateway to democratic participation. Exercise your fundamental right, shape the future, and join millions in making a difference. Your vote counts, and we’re here to help. Act now for democracy, transparency, and civic engagement.

Public Notices

Sections 25 and 26 of the Elections Act (Cap. 1.04), revised edition showing the law….

The Electoral Commission is seeking expressions of interest from persons who reside in Montserrat to….

STATEMENT   by Chair and Supervisor of Elections, Barrington B. Chalmers   Date: February 2,….

Key Resources

The information on this website is taken from or associated with the legislation that governs the Electoral Commission. Readers to this website are encouraged to read the following documents that are appended to this website for more information and a greater understanding

Relevant Legislation

Elections Act and Subsidiary Legislation Revised 2019
Electoral Commission Act
Constitution of Montserrat
Elections (Amendment) Act 2023

Other Resources

To Supervisor of Elections (Notice of Objection) Form
Continuous Voter Registration Form
Election Offences

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